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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Sep 18 10:29:41 EDT 2007

Hi  Kenneth,

this is great stuff!  I'm looking forward to the day this can replace  
web studio :)

FWIW, it does work on Mac OS X (ppc) using mono, but the interface is  
somewhat unattractive ;)  Damn gtk widgets!



On 17-Sep-07, at 3:24 AM, Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S wrote:

> Hi list.
> I have a feeling that the main barrier for newcomers to the  
> MapGuide Open Source project, is the fact that they have to start  
> out purchasing Autodesk MapGuide Studio.
> I also want to customize certain aspects in Autodesk MapGuide  
> Studio, such as extra "bult in" menus and the like. Autodesk has  
> replied that they do not currently support this.
> I have been looking at WebStudio, but it lacks some features,  
> notable the WebLayout feature. I also dislike web applications for  
> operations that I do more than occasionally.
> On top of that, browser security restrictions limits the possible  
> potential for the application.
> To remedy all of the above, I have created a standalone GUI  
> application, that looks a bit like MapGuide Studio, and supports  
> some of the things MapGuide Studio supports.
> I have released the application under the LGPL license, so that a  
> third party company (ea. Autodesk), may redistribute the binaries,  
> packed with proprietary extensions.
> The application has most of the framework ready, and has basic  
> editors for layer, layout, map and featuresource. Some functions  
> are still missing, like line width, point styling on symbol  
> libraries, layer draw order etc.
> Some things do work, like creating a featuresource, layer, map and  
> layout.
> It does not have a preview functionality yet.
> The code is written in managed C#, .Net 1.1. It should work on  
> mono, but there are some missing functionality in  
> System.Windows.Forms, so it might not.
> It contains a fully independant client library that uses only the  
> Web API, and fully managed code.
> If anyone wants to contribute to the project, I am open for  
> questions to the code.
> I have written a page with some pros and cons for the project:
> http://www.hexad.dk/opensource/mapstudio.html
> The page contains screenshots, binaries and source code.
> I would like this project to eventually become part of the MapGuide  
> Open Source project (or at least the OSGeo website).
> How do I apply for that?
> Please note that this project is my own hobby project, and is  
> unrelated to GEOGRAF A/S.
> -- 
> Regards, Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S
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