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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
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Hi all,
The more I think about this RFC, the less I feel that it is a good idea to link the web tier directly against FDO and use the overrides.  It breaks the nice hierarchical architecture of MapGuide, and ties into a section of FDO is not all that well understood outside of the core development team.
Personally, I think that it would be easier to maintain going forward with a back end that generates config files using simple sprintf's against template XML, like I did with my cruddy little PHP script for creating raster config files.


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Hi Leaf,

Bounds override/specification for the MapGuide Enterprise and OpenSource
Raster Providers is not currently accomplished through the specification
of insertionPoint, resolution, etc, in the configuration document. As of
the FDO 3.2.2 release, a new <bounds> element was added to the
configuration file for the raster providers that allowed this
information to be specified independent of the aforementioned
Geo-reference information. Typically, an application would choose to
either specify the Geo-reference information or the bounds information
in a configuration file, not both.

The reason that the <bounds> element was added was that even with the
geo-reference information included in the configuration file it was not
enough information to fully determine the bounds of the raster image.
The raster provider was still forced to access the raster image to
extract the image height and width to determine the exact image bounds.

See the attached specification for complete details.


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Hi Jason,

Bound override for Raster provider is done by insertpoint, resolution,
rotation override. If you take a look at schema override of Raster
provider, you will find there is no bounds override in its physical
schema mapping. Actually bound can be computed from insertpoint,
resolution, rotation override. So you can implement bound override from
insertpoint, resolution, rotation override.

As for specifying the layer to be used for each MgRasterWMSItem, it is
done by from MgRasterItem::m_name. For MgRasterFileItem, it means raster
file name. For MgRasterWmsItem, it means layer name.

I agree with you. One sample make more sense. I will add it later.


Leaf Li

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Hi Leaf Li,

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see support for the Bounds
override in MgRasterFileItem.

I don't see where you would specify the layer to be used for each
MgRasterWMSItem ... is the name of the MgRasterItem used for that?  One
of the largest benefit of config files with the WMS provider is being
able to ask the server for multiple layers in a single request.  An
example would help my understanding.



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