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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Oct 8 10:55:00 EDT 2008


this is not supported yet, Mike has been working on and off on this.   
It is still my intention to get this done for Fusion 2.0 which would  
hopefully also be included in MapGuide 2.1.

Mike is wrapping up the 1.1 release (there will still be some  
outstanding bugs) in the next day or so, and then moving on to getting  
ready for a 2.0 beta in time for inclusion in the MapGuide 2.1 beta.   
At this point, there are two remaining features I would like to get  
in, arbitrary OpenLayers layers and changing from the existing client  
side vector code to OpenLayers vector code.



On 7-Oct-08, at 12:00 PM, Jason Birch wrote:

> Hi all,
> I recall there was some intention to support arbitrary OpenLayers  
> layers
> in Fusion 2.0.  I guess the first question is whether this is still  
> the
> intention or has it already been implemented?
> Sort-of related, I have some questions about base (tiled) layers in
> Fusion.  I think I saw an update a while back that would support the
> MapGuide convention of specifying base layer groups as part of the map
> definition.  If I didn't imagine it, this is a good enhancement, but
> last I saw there are some real problems with base layer groups in
> MapGuide; basically: any change in the map definition flushes the tile
> cache.  My preference would be to work around this with Fusion by
> creating a map that only includes a base layer group, and then
> referencing this as a separate base layer.  Is it possible to add
> multiple Maps to a MapGroup, and specify which should be a base layer?
> If so, is it possible to add multiple base layers?  Will the Legend
> present these as a radio choice like in OpenLayers?
> If not, is there any intention to add any of this functionality for  
> 2.0?
> Motivation:  I understand that we're only a couple weeks from MapGuide
> 2.1 beta, and it's currently following Fusion trunk... :)
> Thanks,
> Jason
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