[mapguide-internals] mapguide 2 trunk cmake patches andinstructions - with links instead of patches

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Oct 23 15:07:02 EDT 2008

I also included the hardy backports by uncommenting two lines in

I added packages like apache2, php5, libgdal1-dev, and a bunch of
others; we should probably start a wiki listing the prerequisites and
required versions.

Rather than adding the fdo install location to the .cmake file, I
specify it on the command line:

cmake -D FDO_INCLUDE_DIR:PATH=/usr/local/fdo-3.3.0/include -D
FDO_LIBRARY:FILEPATH=/usr/local/fdo-3.3.0/lib ..

If you run into a missing dependency outside of the .cmake file's search
path, you can run:

cmake -LA ..

Which will give you a list of current settings for cache entries that
you can specify on the command line, including "UNDEFINED"
something-or-other when they couldn't be found.

Source files that were patched for the build follow.  I believe that you
can revert most of these if you are using versions of the libraries
equivalent to what are distributed with MapGuide (or even pointing to
the mapguide oem builds for these components with -D cache entries).

 Add include for <cstring>

 Add include for <cstring>

 Add include for <cstdlib>

 Changes for Geos 3

 Add include for <xercesc/sax2/Attributes.hpp>

 Commented out triangle cap

 Removed includes for <stdio.h. and <assert.h>, added <cstdio>,
<cstring>, <cassert>

 Add include for <cstring>

 Add include for <cstring>

 Updated to Xerces 2.8

 Added include for "CacheManager.h"


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firstly, I gotta say from a bit of playing with CMake I'm impressed :)

things i had to do on ubuntu 8.04

add hardy-backports to sources
sudo apt-get install cmake libboost // for 2.60, default was 2.46

this needs a big list of packages to be installed :) i will pull the
list, i'm sure i added
more than i needed

the path for php5 on ubuntu is  /usr/local/include/php5, I don't think
 the PHP5_LIBRARY is referenced by cmake aside from the setup and test

had to add the /usr/local/fdo-3.3.0/include/ and
to the search path for FindFDO.cmake

for apache /usr/include/apr-1.0 ( rather than /usr/include/apr-1)

i got stuck here and I'm tired in 5;29 am in oz

Scanning dependencies of target MgFoundation
[ 53%] Building CXX object
In file included from
/home/zac/mapguide-2.0.2/Common/Foundation/Foundation.h:46:27: error:
ace/INET_Addr.h: No such file or directory


On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 10:45 PM, Helio Chissini de Castro
<helio at kde.org> wrote:
> On Quinta 23 Outubro 2008, Zac Spitzer wrote:
>> ok, i'm having a bit of trouble applying the patch
>> i have checked 2.0.2 out into /home/zac/mapguide-2.0.2
>> what's the patch syntax required?
>> z
> HI
> cd mapguide-2.0.2
> patch -p1 < cmake-mg202.diff
> Jason reported that in case of Ubuntu, he was missing libphp5_common (
the PHP
> test look for this library ), and looks like php from Ubuntu is not
> to have this shared library, so probably you can bypass this test for
now, in
> main CMakeLists.txt
> []'s
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