[mapguide-internals] Re: Please review RFC 74

Christine Bao Christine.Bao at autodesk.com
Tue Jul 7 22:41:58 EDT 2009

Hi Kenneth,

     Thank you for your reply. Here are my comments:

1.       EnumerateReferences call is slow.

This RFC is to improve performance by reducing network communication and the code is executed in server side. I didn't have plan to change EnumerateReferences() call before read your comments. Now I check the function, and find it's by XmlDb query. Well it's the most efficient way to me. Do you have suggestion how to make it faster?

2.       Re-pointed

When copying resource I'll not change the referencing content. In your case the result is a little different. "FolderB/Layer -> FolderA/FeatureSource2" instead of "FolderB/Layer -> FolderB/FeatureSource2". This RFC's goal is to keep link when moving/renaming resource, and because copying resource will not break the link I'll not make change. Your ticket about "Repointer" is a good suggestion, but it's different from this RFC, so it's not covered here.

Thanks & regards,

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Nice, this will make the operation much faster.

Using Maestro, I can see that the EnumerateReferences call is the real

speed killer.

If implemented in the server code, I expect the actual XmlDb call to be

just as slow.

Are there any efforts to investigate this, or is it just "as good as it


Maestro also has a similar function when copying a folder,

all resources within the folder gets "re-pointed" to related copies.


Structure before copy:



FolderA/Layer -> FeatureSource1

FolderA/Layer -> FolderA/FeatureSource2

After copy of FolderA to new name FolderB:



FolderA/Layer -> FeatureSource1

FolderA/Layer -> FolderA/FeatureSource2


FolderB/Layer -> FeatureSource1

FolderB/Layer -> FolderB/FeatureSource2

So the relationship within the folder is kept.

Would this be a candidate for implementation with the RFC as well?

Jason has requested a generic "re-pointer" function for Maestro, that I

have yet to implement:


Would you consider adding that as part of the RFC?

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

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