[mapguide-internals] RE: RFC 67 Updated - Ready for review

Trevor Wekel trevor_wekel at otxsystems.com
Thu Jul 23 16:27:11 EDT 2009

Hi Chris, a few comments on the RFC:

MgPrintLayoutElementBase and the corresponding schema seem appropriate.  The inclusion of optional stylization and data elements allows for very complex geometries to be drawn on the print.  This could have all kinds of interesting applications including "generated on the fl " dynamic views in a print layout.

MgPrintLayoutServiceBase printLayoutService = ServiceFactory::GetService(MgResourceType::PrintLayout);

Should probably be

MgPrintLayoutServiceBase printLayoutService = siteConnection.CreateServicee(MgResourceType::PrintLayout);

If MapView is intended to be used in MapGuide, it might be good to make it optional.  Center and Scale (ie Center and Height in MapViewType) can be pulled directly from the MgMap.  In addition, ViewDirection and Rotation may not be supported by MapGuide.


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Hi All,

I have updated RFC67 with an overhaul of the proposed schema (which includes some cleanup and renaming of elements, addition of annotations, and new definitions for supporting migration from the old MapGuide PrintLayout format to the new PrintLayoutDefinition format), updated diagrams, and a section defining the mapping from the PrintLayout-1.0.0 schema elements to the new PrintLayoutDefinition-2.0.0 schema.

Please review the updated RFC and respond to this mailing list with any questions or comments.



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