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Tom Fukushima tom.fukushima at autodesk.com
Wed Jul 29 12:57:47 EDT 2009

RFC 78 has been adopted.


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I motion for a vote on

MapGuide RFC 78 - Enhance transaction capability to Feature Service

Summary of review:

What happens when one of ExecuteSqlQuery or ExecuteSqlNonQuery fails?  Does the user need to rollback transaction within exception handling, or is this done automatically?
>>> No action taken.  To give flexibility, the user can do a Rollback in the exception handler.

In case that FDO provider doesn't support transaction, it throws exception?
>>> RFC updated: if a provider doesn't support transaction, BeginTransaction() will throw an MgInvalidOperationException saying transaction is not supported.
I think too that it doesn't have to do auto roll back but another question comes to me. I assume that MgTransaction will get hold on one particular FDO connection until either Rollback or Commit is executed ?
>>> Yes, MgTransaction will hold on the particular FDO connection until Commit or Rollback is executed. And there is also a timeout for transaction that if it's not committed or rollbacked within the timeout, the server will automatically rollback the transaction as mentioned in the RFC.  

Add a UpdateFeatures that uses transaction:
>>> Description added.

+1 Tom

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