[mapguide-internals] my 2.1 testing results

Trevor Wekel trevor_wekel at otxsystems.com
Mon Jun 15 05:33:08 EDT 2009

Hi Zac,

A couple of quick questions on your testing:

What API variant were you using (PHP, .Net, Java)?

Was your testing multi-user/multi-threaded?
- If so, how many cores was the MapGuide server using?

Did you have connection pooling enabled for SDF and SHP?


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Hey All,

I did some serious testing of the 2.1 beta over the weekend with our
large Aussie map base and the results were fantastic. Super stable
and really good CPU utilisation, plus all the usual disk trashing I came
to expect no longer occurred.

Once the SDF/SHPs has been hit a few times, stuff was oft rendered
without the hd disk light barely lighting up!

two days of rendering and the mapguide process was only up to 128mb
and the error log was empty!

Great work team!


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