[mapguide-internals] Re: MapGuide RFC 68 - Refactoring Web .NET API into Common

Leaf Li leaf.li at autodesk.com
Wed Jun 24 20:18:55 EDT 2009

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for your comments.

In my opinions this RFC isn't a matter of "heavy" MapGuideDotNetApi.dll. It is a matter of reusing MapGuide Web .NET API. Currently classes with prefix "MgWeb" and "MgHttp" is MapGuide environment specific and depends on MapGuide. Other classes doesn't depends on MapGuide environment. They can totally be reused by other application. For example, if one users is developing a application which need coordinate system transformation functionality. He can just add a reference to OSGeo.MapGuide.Geometry.dll without any confusion of classes with prefix "MgWeb" and "MgHttp".

Although all classes in MG API is in the same namespace, they really consist of Foundation, Geometry, PlatformBase, and so on. I think they are not in different namespaces because of some limitation of SWIG. (As you know, MapGuide Web API is created by SWIG.) 

Leaf Li

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