[mapguide-internals] About the WiX installer

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Wed Mar 4 11:03:31 EST 2009


I apologize; Tom sent along custom actions for IIS, IIS7, and Apache.
I've forwarded these to you offline for inclusion where you deem fit.

We were hoping to use the WiX IIS extension for the IIS setup so that
there is less code to maintain.


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An update on the current situation:

- All the required files *seems* to be packaged in the installer. Need
to do
more checking.
- The httpd.conf has been templated with special names, that will be
substituted with proper values via a custom action.

And here is where I've hit the first fork and roadblock in the road.
3 known ways to do custom actions.

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