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Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Mon Mar 9 20:06:26 EDT 2009

Does this mean that even minor patches require a CLA?

I would like people to be able to submit minor patches,
without having to sign a form and submit it.

Would it legally hold if there were some big sign saying:
"Yes, this is an Open Source project, so any code you submit will 
be avalible under the same license as the rest of the code"?

I would think that it would be obvious that it works like that anyway.
But, IANAL, so if someone with legal skills say it's got to be that way, 
so be it,
but I think it will be another barrier for people entering the project, 
or not
bothering to submit a patch.

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

Jason Birch skrev:
> I don't disagree with my proposal...
> So, for now Jackie is the only one who is allowed to check in code? ;)  
> (cheeky way of suggesting that the wiki be updated with the current list
> of CLA signatories, including those covered under Corporate CLA).
> BTW, I'm not sure if this came up here or somewhere else, but I remember
> seeing something about CCLA folks also needing to have individual CLAs?
> I could see this as being important because:
>  - we don't have to worry about tracking who leaves what company; and
>  - some people work for companies that don't have draconian employment
> contracts where the company gets ownership of off-hours code and your
> first born.
> Jason
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> From: Tom Fukushima
> Sent: March-09-09 4:04 PM
> To: MapGuide Internals Mail List
> Subject: RE: [mapguide-internals] CLA
> There wasn't any more discussion on this.  I would like to change how we
> do things and back Jason's suggestion that everyone sign a CLA in order
> to make any submission.
> Does anyone disagree? If not I will make the change in 48 hours.
> I will also add a link to this page so that we can quickly see who has
> signed the CLA:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Contributor_Agreements_Received.
> Thanks
> Tom
> Here is Jason's original suggestion:
> Hi all,
> Our current "getting involved" document only talks about CLA
> requirements for committers:
> http://mapguide.osgeo.org/developer.html
> I think that we should strip "and has a signed Contributor License
> Agreement on file with OSGeo" from the "Project Developer" role and add
> something like:
> "Regardless of developer status, code will only be committed if a signed
> Contributor License Agreement has been placed on file by the developer.
> This is required to ensure that our code base remains encumbrance-free."
> Jason
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