[mapguide-internals] Installer: Yeah baby!

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Mar 12 01:47:26 EDT 2009

I'm having some problems with my 2003 install, but I think that perhaps
one of the authoring tools I tried against it messed up the repository.
It was initially loading the map, but now it just fails and doing
something like enumerateresources gives me a configuration error
regarding webconfig.ini; guessing it can't open a connection to the
server.  Will try rebuilding my repositories tomorrow and re-importing
the demo and see what happens.

The 2008 installer picks up IIS7 fine.  It needs to somehow check for
appropriate permissions because when it runs under UAC when not launched
with elevated permissions, it fails silently and rolls back.  The actual
IIS7 custom action doesn't seem to work; none of the IIS7 web site
settings seem to take.

Also, I noticed a local build error in MapGuide; it couldn't find a
reference for the ASP.Net web extension project (so I'm guessing that
they failed to build) and they don't show up in the installer either.
Maybe this is what's causing problems with the IIS7 config?


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Just ran through the installation on Win2k3.  

- Installed .Net 2.0 and VC redistributables

- Ran installer, chose IIS, PHP, left the feature tree at defaults,

- Connected to MapAdmin: no problem

- Connected to MapAgent: no problem

- Loaded up /mapguide/fusion/templates/mapguide/standard/index.html : no

There are definitely still some issues and need to test different
configs, but... this is cool!

Here's what I did to build:

- Copied FDO 3.4 RC2 into correct locations and installed prereqs as per
Jackie's blog
- Modified Mapguide and Installer build.bat to point to local tool
- Started my VS2008 command prompt and went to my main SVN directory

pushd MGDev
call build.bat -a=build -w=all
call build.bat -a=install -w=all -o=C:\Staging\
pushd maestro
call build.bat -a=build
pushd Maestro
call "Update RELEASE Environment.bat"
call build.bat -a=install -o=C:\Staging\Maestro
pushd installer
call build.bat -a=prepare -web=C:\Staging\WebServerExtensions
-srv=C:\Staging\Server -maestro=C:\Staging\Maestro
call build.bat -a=regen -web=C:\Staging\WebServerExtensions
-srv=C:\Staging\Server -maestro=C:\Staging\Maestro
call build.bat -a=build -web=C:\Staging\WebServerExtensions
-srv=C:\Staging\Server -maestro=C:\Staging\Maestro


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