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Martin Morrison martin.morrison at edsi.com
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For what it is worth, some more input...

I have been reading this thread with interest.  I have a few sites, all with raster.  One of the sites goes down on a regular basis.  The site that goes down with the same errors described in this thread can be hosted on our server here without failure.  Take the site to the client's server, it fails.  I attempted to use the updated DLL's that Haris provided, it did not fix this site's errors.  Where does this lead?  Something is likely different on the server, I just have to find it.  Do we have a guarantee that everybody's site works the same?  Of course not.

When I was at AEP and running the GIS system there, one of the number one issues that I learned to deal with is programmers think they can make one last little harmless change just before a major software release and it will be fine.  Nothing against programmers they do a hell of a great job, but everything should be extensively retested from scratch.

I strongly believe that the 2.1 should be released soon.  If we still have issues with raster, let's refocus the developers effort onto raster and do a 2.11 release, if we still have issues let's do 2.12, and so on.  If you are on 1.2 and are waiting to upgrade until everything is perfect, you will probably have a long wait.  

I have a strong suspicion that I should have probably kept my mouth shut, but...


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I understand your reluctance to introduce new code at this point, but I worry that releasing another version of MapGuide Open Source with the current set of defects will slow adoption even further and turn off folks who are currently implementing.  I've lost track of the people I've talked to who either elected to stay at 1.2, or gave up on the MGE/MGOS migration entirely and went to ESRI instead, solely because of stability issues.

MGOS 2.0 was not production ready and in my experience 2.1 is still not production ready.  Releasing it at this point and requiring users to wait an additional year for 2.2 will further decrease adoption and increase community frustration.  I personally see the inherent problems with the FDO connection manager, and the problem with not reusing TCP connections for the Windows (ISAPI?) client to be blockers for this release.  I recognise that perfection is the enemy of done, but I also feel that as a project we should not be beholden to a fixed release cycle and if there are critical issues they should be addressed prior to release.


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Traian - Thanks for investigating this over the weekend, much appreciated!

Anyways, for the 2.1 release of MapGuide I think we should incorporate the reference count fix to the GDAL provider - this should be done regardless as Traian has already pointed out the weak reference to the FDO connection in the reader is bad. I don't think we should make significant changes to the FDO connection manager this close to release.

Post 2.1 release the FDO connection manager should be more closely looked at to see what can be done to more easily handle single threaded providers and to perhaps get rid of the reference count dependency for determining if a FDO connection is still in use. This may require an additional FDO API so the provider could just tell the server if the connection is in use. 

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