[mapguide-internals] MGOS 2.1 branch

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon May 11 01:38:38 EDT 2009

Oh, branching a level up?  I guess that would work, but Maestro is on a totally different release cycle than MapGuide.  You could just create the 2.1.x branch, and then branch the individual Installer and MgDev folders inside of that.  Then tagging the branch with releases would at least be fairly easy.  

Of course, it may just be easier to move the installer inside of MgDev :)  That would mean pulling the Maestro installer tech out of there, but that should probably be cleaned up anyway.  I don't think Kenneth is using it, and it's not had any attention from me or Jackie since we decided to pull Maestro from the MapGuide installer.

Ideally, I would like to see a system where the installer is part of the CI process, and developers are responsible for working to resolve cases where the installer breaks because of their code changes.  Making the installer part of MgDev may help to enforce this attitude/expectation.

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If no one finds a problem with it, I would like to put Installer, MgDev and Tools into the 2.1 branch.

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No real concerns with this, but would love to see Trevor's upcoming fixes make it into the 2.1 branch.

Should we move the installer code inside of mgdev so it comes along for the ride with branches/tags, or should we branch/tag seperately?

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There is some work in the CsMap trunk that is going to get underway and will require some changes to MGOS.  The changes should not go into MGOS 2.1 because they require large changes, so I would like to create the MGOS 2.1 branch on the week of May 18th.

After the branch the difference between Trunk and the 2.1 branch will be that branch will (continue to) point to CsMap branch 12.01, and trunk will point to CsMap trunk.

Any questions or concerns?

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