[mapguide-internals] Default values for InsertionPointX

Walt Welton-Lair walt.welton-lair at autodesk.com
Wed May 13 10:48:17 EDT 2009

Hi Kenneth,

MapGuide's XML serialization code for this element assumes default values of 0.5.  So, yes, the schema should be updated to indicate this is the default value.

In general, our schemas should specify default values for all optional elements that are basic types.  For example in that same SymbolType element we should specify a default value of true for MaintainAspect, and 0.0 for Rotation.  There are lots of other elements that are missing this information.

Normally we need an RFC for a schema change, but to me this isn't really that kind of a change.  We're just clarifying how the existing schema should be interpreted.  For now go ahead and update Maestro to assume 0.5 defaults.  I think as a separate step we need to go through the whole schema and add the missing default value attributes.

*** Does anyone disagree and feel an RFC is needed? ***

I generally have maintained the XML serialization code, ensuring that it adheres to the schema, and correctly handles versioning.  So I don't mind doing the schema edits, but it will take a week or so before I can get to it.  How about after fixing the Maestro code you can assign the ticket to me, and add a comment indicating what still needs to be done.


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I'm trying to fix issue #918:

The ticket seems to indicate that 0.5 is the default value.
The xml fragment looks like this:

      <xs:element name="InsertionPointX" type="xs:string" minOccurs="0">
          <xs:documentation>X offset for the symbol specified in symbol 
space.  Does not apply to labels.</xs:documentation>
      <xs:element name="InsertionPointY" type="xs:double" minOccurs="0">
          <xs:documentation>Y offset for the symbol specified in symbol 
space.  Does not apply to labels.</xs:documentation>

If the InsertionPoint values are omitted, does MapGuide assume 0.5 or 0.0 ?
If it assumes 0.5 should the xsd be updated to indicate this?

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

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