[mapguide-internals] detecting dangling feature readers

Walt Welton-Lair walt.welton-lair at autodesk.com
Sat May 23 02:45:30 EDT 2009

Just to clarify, it's technically not a leak - the reader's destructor does call Close.  The problem occurs ifyou use .NET code in your web tier.  The managed readers in the web tier don't get garbage collected right away, and this can lead to a buildup of cached readers on the serve (this was the "leak" reported in the ticket).  Once GC kicks in the web-tier proxy readers are destroyed / closed, and this also cleans up the corresponding readers on the server.

Nevertheless, it's still good practice to call Close as soon as you're done with the reader.  I don't know of any API which can enumerate the open readers.

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just following up on this ticket

it's there any method available to enumerate open readers
to detect these kind of leaks?

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