[mapguide-internals] Fwd: Feature stylization draw order question

Jason Birch jason at jasonbirch.com
Sun Nov 22 05:23:04 EST 2009

Thanks very much for the fix and the detailed explanation; it really does
help to understand how this stuff interacts.  And sorry for not spotting the
DrawLast property myself. I must have been staring at the .xsd for too long
or something.

I had to put the new-style point layer below the old-style layers in the map
definition in order for it to be rendered on top of them. This makes sense
as you've describe the rendering process; graphics first in layer order,
then labels in reverse order. I was just a bit fuzzy on the instructions.

There does appear to be a nasty side-effect which I think derails this for
me: the new symbol, when rendered as a label, no longer appears to
participate in tooltip generation.  Is this expected behaviour?

I've uploaded a package which demonstrates this (only contains the street
numbers and emergency services points) here:


If you comment out the DrawLast property in the emergency services layer
definition and then reload the test map, the tooltips on the fire admin
building show up properly.

If this isn't expected, I'll file a defect report. Otherwise maybe an
enhancement report to allow "label" layers to have tooltips :)

I really appreciate the time you took to look into this for me initially,
and please don't feel obligated to continue down this path if you don't have
the time.

Thanks again,

2009/11/21 Walt Welton-Lair

> Fix has been submitted.
> I attached a small image as an example (it may get dropped by the osgeo
> email server):
> * the yellow triangles are a regular old stylization point layer
> * the grey text boxes are regular feature labels for the previous layer
> * the orange squares are for a different point layer, configured using the
> new stylization as below
> The orange squares draw nicely on top of the text labels.

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