[mapguide-internals] Build and Installer work for MapGuide 2.2

Tom Fukushima tom.fukushima at autodesk.com
Wed Feb 17 17:55:36 EST 2010

Trevor, I find that when Visual Studio skips over the 64-bit projects that I have not installed the 64-bit components for C++. Once you select those during the install, you should be able to build 64-bit targets on a 32-bit OS.

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Hi Jason,

Yes.  It looks as though you will need a 64 bit Windows box to compile for 64 bit. I tried it on my local 32 bit machine and it just skipped over the build.  As for build VMs, I was planning on creating a bunch of them.  You might be able to Remote Desktop into the 64 bit Windows build VM (not created yet - looking at licensing right now).

I took a brief look at 64 bit Linux last night.  It seems as though 64 bit versions of Apache and PHP are available on various distros, including the necessary -devel headers.  We may be able to replace "LinuxApt" with the natively installed stuff on Linux.  Doing this will also lock us into compiling directly on CentOS 5.4 and Ubuntu 9.1.  Since Ubuntu uses GCC 4.4, this may open up a whole mess of compiler upgrade work (GCC 4.1 to GCC 4.4) for Ubuntu.  I took a initial crack at Ubuntu/GCC 4.4 and didn't get very far.

I think there is still HUGE value to a 64 bit Server on Linux.  The "unlimited" memory space of a 64bit process gives the Server much more headroom for dealing with monster user loads.

As for the GDAL provider "bug", I have been tied up with the release work and the GDAL Provider in MapGuide community initiative funding has been slow to come in ($380 so far).  I should be able to look at the extents problem during the beta cycle.


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Do I need to have a 64bit OS to compile MapGuide for 64bit? May be a stupid question... :) I hope to have time to look at some of the installer stuff, but don't currently have a 64bit VM set up for that.
I also don't have the skills required to address the desirables for the 2.2 installer: allowing the user to pick the website to install to, and providing a better Java install experience.

If we can't provide a complete 64bit package for MapGuide on Linux, I personally am not sure it's worth the effort to do 64bit Linux at all.
Be better to devote that time making it easier to use system libraries when compiling/using MapGuide... maybe by upgrading the CMake scripts for 2.2.  The FDO CMake seems to be coming along nicely...

Would be nice if the gdal provider "bug" (change in API mapguide uses) that causes image extents not to be returned in getschemamapping (?) when there's no CS information available.  I'm guessing you're tied up with this release work Trevor, and haven't seen a sudden increase in community interest in your initiative?  Unfortunate that we still won't have a good raster experience for most users at next release.

Paul, any ideas on Fusion release plans and how they might tie into this?

Do we know FDO's release timeline (I think they/we just branched for 3.5).


On 2010-02-04, Trevor Wekel <trevor_wekel at otxsystems.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> The MapGuide 2.2 release was discussed at the PSC meeting today.  We 
> are currently targeting March for the first 2.2 beta and a June for 
> the 2.2 release.  The first beta can probably be 32 bit only.  The 2.2 
> release should support both 32 bit and 64 bit.  From the discussion in 
> the meeting, there are a number of open build/installer items to resolve:
> 1. Resolution of 32 bit and 64 bit shared libraries on Linux
> - The Server supports 32 & 64 bit builds.  The Web Extensions builds 
> for 32 bit only since we only compile 32 bit versions of Apache and PHP.
> - Since the Server and Web Extensions share libraries on Linux, we 
> cannot easily mix and match 32/64 bit on the same machine.
> - Further investigation is required to see if we can build a 64 bit 
> web extensions, or if we can mix and match 32/64 bit shared libraries.
> 2. Windows Installer fixups for 32 bit
> - The installation image for MapGuide has changed from MapGuide 2.1 to 
> MapGuide 2.2.
> - Various (minor?) fixups will be needed to get the Windows installer 
> working again.
> 3. Including new FDO Providers in Windows Installers (32 and 64 bit)
> - FDO 3.5 contains new providers: PostGIS, PostgreSQL, SQLite
> - Ideally, these should be added to the Windows installer.
> 4. Windows Installer for 64 bit build
> - The current Windows Installer is built for a 32 bit install.
> 5. Ubuntu binary (.deb) packages for 32 and 64 bit MapGuide
> - We do not build or distribute binaries for Ubuntu.  We should.
> - Item 1. will have to be resolved before we do 64 bit debs
> 6. CentOS binary (.rpm) packages for 32 and 64 bit MapGuide
> - We do not build or distribute binaries for CentOS.  We should.
> - Item 1. will have to be resolved before we do 64 bit rpms
> I can look at items 5, 2, and 6 for 32 bit builds over the next few weeks.
> This should get us close to a 32 bit only beta1.  I can then switch 
> over to looking at item 1 to see if we can get the 64 bit Linux builds in shape.
> Hopefully someone with more Windows installer experience can look at 
> the other items (hint hint...)
> It looks like I will need to do a major upgrade to the build 
> infrastructure for MapGuide 2.2.  Supporting 32 and 64 bit on three 
> different operating systems (Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu) will likely 
> require 6 VMs.  With this many build VMs, we may want to switch to BuildBot to orchestrate the whole mess.
> Regards,
> Trevor
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