[mapguide-internals] RE: GDAL stability in MGOS 2.1

Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
Mon Jan 4 10:06:15 EST 2010

Hi Trevor,

One place to start would be by fixing the refcounting of the connection held by the feature reader in the provider. The PSC didn't want to fix this bug last release, and it is one place where this provider differs from all other providers. I remember that I attached a patch fixing this to the ticket concerning this. That bug may be a source of crashes in certain cases -- of course it is not guaranteed that it is causing the stability problems you are having with that provider.


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Hi Frank,

I am glad to see you are interested.  I will need to do some investigation to determine where the instability is coming from.  If I do find something in GDAL, I think it would be good to add an additional test to the GDAL test suite.  It would help to ensure GDAL Provider stability from release to release.  Maybe I'm a bit jaded but all too often the phrase "if it isn't tested, it's probably broken" seems to apply when working with complex code bases.

I can certainly help out with code changes and test suite improvements.  Let's keep in touch.  Hopefully my little MapGuide/GDAL stability and performance initiative won't drag on too long.


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Trevor Wekel wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Under the assumption that no else is really keen to dig around in MapGuide and GDAL,  I have added an "Initiatives" page to my website.  I will make an official funding request to the user list tomorrow if no one voices any concerns.
> http://www.otxsystems.com/community-initiatives.html
> Yeah.  I actually like raster.  Weird...


Not so weird!

I would note that if folks can trigger the stability problems via direct FDO calls, I'm willing to spend some time digging into it.  Something like an additional test in the test suite or a small sample program calling into FDO.  Something I can run without mapguide.

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