[mapguide-internals] Stylization FTW

Robert Bray robert.bray at autodesk.com
Thu Jan 7 12:48:02 EST 2010

Nice work Jason and congratulations, I know it's been a long road getting to this point.


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Thanks again for all the help on my stylization questions.  We're going to
be officially launching a new version of NanaimoMap out of beta tomorrow
that makes extensive use of it:

Default theme:
  - Places of Interest  -> Image-based
  - Transportation  -> Linear: Sidewalks, Crosswalks, Bike Routes, Bridges

Utilities theme:
  - Extensive use of point-based stylization in the Water, Sanitary, and
Storm layers

And probably others I can't remember.  You can launch the map here right


And yes, I know there's a JS problem in the Utilities theme... haven't been
able to figure it out.

When I get a few minutes to breathe, I'll be uploading all of the
hand-crafted utility symbols to the wiki.

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