[mapguide-internals] Berkeley DBXML native libraries on Linux

Robert Bray robert.bray at autodesk.com
Thu May 20 10:08:01 EDT 2010


I prefer option 3. It's much more inline with the way other open source projects manage dependences.


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Hi everyone,

Rohit has been working on switching to native libraries for Berkeley DB, Berkeley DBXML, xerces, xalan, and xqilla.  As it turns out, Berkeley DB is the only library included in most distributions:

Berkeley DB - included in most distros
Berkeley DBXML - not included in any distro
Xerces - included in Ubuntu only
Xalan - included in Ubuntu only
xquilla - included in Ubuntu only

Furthermore, Oracle does not release binaries for these libraries on Linux.  They do package Windows installers though.

I think we have a few of options:

1. Keep Berkeley DBXML and all dependencies in our vault and upgrade as required.

2. Build and distribute binaries and headers for the various packages.

3. Document where to get the required source code and let our user base build the required components.

Options 1. and 2. put the onus on us to maintain the components.  Option 1 will continue to clog up our source tree and makes it more difficult to share components with FDO.  Option 3 is a trade off.  It makes it more difficult to build MapGuide but is more flexible and allows us to share components with FDO.

Any thoughts?  Other suggestions?


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