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Hello Craig,

Yes.  Community is the true power behind open source.  Any member of the community can put forward an RFC.  All that is required is to have one or more PSC members act as guides.  The MapGuide Project Steering Committee has members from five different companies, including Autodesk.  Teaming up with a member of the PSC should be fairly straightforward.

If anyone has new feature ideas they would like to discuss, please bring them up on the list.  We just finished releasing MapGuide 2.2 so it would be a good time to discuss a patch release for MapGuide 2.2 and future enhancements for MapGuide 2.3.

Here are a couple of questions for the community:

What would you like fixed in MapGuide 2.2.1?

What enhancements would your clients like to see in MapGuide 2.3?


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That's an interesting perspective...  One of the reasons many
companies select open source solutions is because they will *always*
have access to the source code to fix bugs and add features in the
future.  If a closed source application gets yanked from the shelves
you are truly in a bind.  What we need as a community are primary
stakeholders who are consumers of the software (rather than sellers)
who are either willing to pay a developer (in house or out of house)
to add features to the open source codebase.  As long as there are
developers available for hire, your clients will never have the rug
pulled out from under them when using OS software.


2011/5/27 Ivan Miličević <Ivan.Milicevic at supranet.hr>:
> Hello,
> I don't know for the rest of the community but I'm a little bit concerned because the future of mapguide looks uncertain.
> On the trac page there is no future milestones, future features, RFC's.. Our solutions are based on Mapguide and market (and customers) demands for more, faster and better. I don't have feeling that Mapguide is going to be a platform for the future. There is no discussion about implementing a new and sexy HTML5 features, speeding up map rendering, user interaction, building new GIS tools...
> Maybe I've got everything wrong but this is opinion based on lurking and watching internals discussions and following Trac timeline.
> I think that PSC should present a bigger picture to the developers and people who is using Mapguide as a core of their products.
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