[mapguide-internals] Access violation registering signal handler on server startup

Trevor Wekel trevor_wekel at otxsystems.com
Thu Jan 26 12:24:23 EST 2012

Ok.  I figured it out.

The IPV6 network stack must be installed/enabled on the machine.  I am developing on a Windows XP box with only IPV4 enabled.  I found a mapguide-internals thread from September where Jackie ran into the same problem.  Looks like IPV6 is now a prerequisite even if IPV6 addressing is not being used.  Can someone at Autodesk please verify? The thread from September is in limbo.  



The workaround is simple - just add IPV6 support to your network adapter.

This issue may affect a large portion of our user base since not everyone will add IPV6 support to their network adapter.  Three out of eight PSC members have now tripped over this.  I would not be surprised if the same ratio applies to our user base.  The support load on Autodesk Support could be fairly large if customers don't get around to reading the release notes.
Zac's post also brings up an interest point with regards to platform support.  If IPV6 cannot be enabled on Windows Server 2003, then is may no longer be a valid platform for MapGuide.  As near as I can tell, mainstream support for Windows Server 2003 ended in July 2010.  Extended support ends in July 2015 so it is still possible that some customers are on Windows Server 2003.



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