[mapguide-internals] CS-Map for MGOS 3.0 Beta 2

Jackie Ng jumpinjackie at gmail.com
Mon May 4 03:43:54 PDT 2015

Hi All,

As the title implies, there will be a second beta of MGOS 3.0 which should
drop by the end of this week or early next week.

For this beta, I want to try an experimental change.

The beta 2 install will omit the following data files from CS-Map:

 - Usa\Geoid03\*.*
 - Usa\Geoid96\*.*
 - Usa\Geoid99\*.*
 - Usa\NSRS2007\*.*
 - Usa\NSRS2011\*.*

This experimental omission is based on a reply Norm made about my query
some years ago about how to slim down the installation footprint of CS-Map:


I also theorize that none of the above files are actually used or accessed
by the CS-Map API surface area that is currently used by MapGuide. Putting
mgserver under Process Monitor and running the coordinate system test suite
shows none of these files ever being accessed.

These files are not only huge, but are notoriously difficult to compress.
Omitting these files from the installer results in major space reduction
and can potentially give us a installer under 100MB!

So for the beta 2 release for both Windows and Linux, the installation
packages will have such data files omitted. I'd be really interested to
know if the omission of such files would negatively impact your layers and
maps. As insurance, I'll be including the omitted data files as a separate
download package.

- Jackie

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