Using MapGuide with c++ app

Gazagne Pierre-François gazagnep at
Thu Apr 6 09:01:16 EDT 2006

I am looking for information about MapGuide.
Actually, I was asked to search an application for viewing and using shp
files shared on a server.
The first possibility is MapObject (problem: it's a local app), but I was
told about the open source project of MapGuide which is a web mapping
I would like to know if it's possible to use directly the API from a c++
app, without using web page, or if there's other solutions like using a MSP
in as an intermediary.
MapGuide would be used like MapObject, as a viewer and with the API, with
files stored on a MapGuide server, in a c++ app.
I know the purpose of Mapguide open source is to allow use of geo data on
web, but it would be for sharing data on a server, and allow visualisation
from the server.

Pierre-François GAZAGNE

French Student (no blocus for me. Please don't laugh!)
(and sorry for the english)
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