[mapguide-users] How can I connect to my server with a WMS connection??

Thomas M. Tuerke thomas.m.tuerke at autodesk.com
Fri Apr 7 14:54:45 EDT 2006

Hi Willem,


The same MapAgent used for all other HTTP requests also “speaks” WMS and WFS, but make sure that you’ve configured the WMS via the site administration tool.  Since WMS is a multi-request operation (GetCapabilities -> GetMap -> GetFeatureInfo) the configuration needs to know your server name to adequately describe these operations.


You’ll also need to make sure at least one layer is “published” to the WMS; Studio allows you to do that via the layer’s “Properties” context (ie right-click) menu, otherwise GetCapabilities will be empty of useful information.


If you’ve done the above, (and assuming you have the Apache install on your own machine,) the following should return a valid GetCapabilities document.




(The IIS install will use a slightly different server:port combination, but otherwise the URL is no different..)


If, as you say, you continue to get an XML error, sending along the text of that exception will be very helpful in diagnosing what’s wrong.


- Thomas




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It seems i can connect, but i get a XML error.. To what URL do I connect? How does this work, is there any info on setting this up?




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