[mapguide-users] Creating new custom command using Studio

Dongjin Xing Dongjin.Xing at autodesk.com
Mon Apr 10 00:55:55 EDT 2006

For your first question, please make sure that you uncheck the option of "Disable command if nothing is selected" on your custom commands. 
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	I have created three custom commands using studio and they are all disabled
	or greyed out when i view the web preview in Studio or the actual page in a
	web browser.  I am totally stumped - Any ideas? I have checked to ensure the
	Invoke URL page exists and that the path is correct (../test/test.php).
	As well, I am finding that the MapServer.exe is consuming lots of CPU
	resources when idle.  It will climb and climb until the server is no
	longer responsive. Any one else experiencing these types of issues?
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