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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
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Not yet.  

Bob has indicated in earlier email (look for "Commercial vs. Open Source Functionality") that:


- Studio is a commercial product. There is an open source web-based
variation in the works that we plan to have available later this spring.
It will not be as functional as the commercial version, but it will be a
full open source project. 

- The initial Studio Lite will be a subset, with support for creating SDF and SHP data sources, layers, and maps. It's all just an HTML based web application though so pretty easy for someone in the open source domain to extend.


Nothing to stop you from doing this yourself in the meantime.  The API is fairly straightforward:


Also, see this email for details on how to add resources through the mapagent/index.html file:


Note that there will be no support for the proprietary DWG format in anything but Studio.  Good reason not to use DWGs (Map 3D 2007 will support the SDF FDO provider).



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Hi all,

I've a question. The MakePackage tool works fine, but there are any php script that can help me to create packages from spatial data files (SDF, SHP, DWG ...)? It seems that for people like me with non-english version of windows, Autodesk Studio fails loading resources.

Thanks in advance.



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