AW: [mapguide-users] Additional FDO Provider Previews

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at
Mon Apr 10 13:24:21 EDT 2006

Thomas Grosser wrote:
> Dear Robert,
> where is Frank´s Raster FDO available ?


It isn't publically available yet.  I provided it to Autodesk for review,
and got a version back that was working with the newest FDO API on
windows.  However, I didn't get a clear statement on whether it was
"releasable" and I neglected to followup on it since I hadn't even taken
the time yet to update to the latest FDO and try the build on windows
(something that scares me!).

One thing I can provide some assurance on is that for shared file
formats the GDAL FDO raster provider will be attempting to operate
similarly to the proprietary one.  So if you use one for a while, in
theory it shouldn't be hard to shift to the other.

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