Failed to test the Web Server Extensions after installation

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Remember with Java , Apache is registered as service but NO TOMCAT , you
should start tomcat manually from Program
Files/MapGuideOpenSource/WebExtensions/Tomcat/bin. Remember you must have
JAVA_HOME environmet variable already configured and JDK 1.5.0_06 installed.


Every time after Apache has started, you must start TOMCAT.


If that doesn’t works look for httpd.conf and the JKMod Tomcat Conector for


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Asunto: Failed to test the Web Server Extensions after installation



I installed the MapGuide server and extenstion v1.0.0 according to the
manual, selecting the following options:

java development

when checking the installation using:


The browser displays the content of file ajaxviewer.jsp, it should be 
"Resource was not found: Library://ATest.WebLayout" 

It seems something wrong with Tomcat.

Any help appreciated.


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