problem with setresource

Paul Spencer pspencer at
Thu Apr 13 13:59:34 EDT 2006

I'm not sure what to do with this.  I am calling the MapAgent  
SETRESOURCE operation through a proxy script (PHP).  The content of  
the resource is passed as a string to the proxy script which then  
adds the appropriate multipart form information to get MapGuide to  
accept the resource content.  This works (once I figured out that it  
requires a file name).  However, if the proxy script is on a machine  
with Apache 1.3, the XML content gets quotes in the xml escaped so  
you end up with tags like

<tag attr=\"test\"/>

which causes MapGuide server to fail to load the content.

The same proxy running on Apache 2.0 works without problem (because  
it doesn't escape the quotes).

Is this a problem with MapGuide server (i.e. should it be unescaping  
quotes)?  Is this a bug in some Apache versions?  Should I not worry  
about it and make it a requirement for my app to run under Apache 2.x?



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