[mapguide-users] Working with the current selection

Berdel, Brian brian.berdel at mcmtrans.com
Tue Apr 18 10:11:08 EDT 2006

Has anyone been able to work with the active selection in a map?  (I am
working with the sample in the development guide (Page 39-40)

I keep getting an error saying:  

Message	"Resource was not found:

I am able to open the map and the session is valid.  I am basically
copying the code (although I am converting to asp.net..)

Here is some of the code:

Dim mgSessionId As String = GetParameters()("SESSION")
Dim matches As Integer = 0  ' Variable to control output results.
Dim mapUpdated As Boolean = False

Dim userInfo As MgUserInformation = New MgUserInformation(mgSessionId)
Dim siteConnection As MgSiteConnection = New MgSiteConnection
Dim resourceService As MgResourceService =
Dim featureService As MgFeatureService =
Dim queryOptions As New MgFeatureQueryOptions
Dim map As New MgMap
map.Open(resourceService, "myMap")
Dim Selection As New MgSelection(map)

ERROR OCCURS at the line below
Selection.Open(resourceService, "myMap")

Thanks for any suggestions

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