[mapguide-users] Coldfusion CFObject and Coding Wrappers CFM

Andy Morsell amorsell at spatialgis.com
Wed Apr 19 14:11:31 EDT 2006

At the MapGuide user group meeting in San Rafael in January, we were told it
would not work that way yet.  I don't know if any progress has been made in
that regards, but I doubt it.  I haven't heard of anyone on this group being
able to do this yet.  
Andy Morsell, P.E. 
Spatial Integrators, Inc. 

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Subject: [mapguide-users] Coldfusion CFObject and Coding Wrappers CFM

Does anyone have any documentation or knowledge on using the Java API within
Coldfusion. I figured I would ask before I reinvented the wheel. A simple
explanation and example would be great.
Chris Gountanis
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