[mapguide-users] Problems with selection

Butler, Juan P jpbutler at co.pinellas.fl.us
Thu Apr 20 14:04:59 EDT 2006

Thanks Andy.
Check to see on the status bar if it states that an object is selected when the layer is turned off.  My highlight goes away, but the map still has an object selected.
- Juan


From: Andy Morsell [mailto:amorsell at spatialgis.com]
Sent: Thu 4/20/2006 1:16 PM
To: users at mapguide.osgeo.org
Subject: RE: [mapguide-users] Problems with selection

I am seeing the same thing in regards to the joined feature (polygons joined to Access) not highlighting when selected but the attributes do show up in the Properties pane.  I am also seeing some general weirdness with this layer.  If I turn it off in the legend, it does not turn off on the map (a request to the server does not occur) until I select an object.  Panning and zooming aren't forcing the refresh.  I suspect these are related issues and the refresh flag is getting stuck when interacting with these types of layers.
I don't see the same thing as you in the second case.  If I select an object and it highlights and then turn off that layer, the highlight turns off as well.  When that layer is turned back on, the highlight also reappears.

Andy Morsell, P.E. 
Spatial Integrators, Inc. 



From: Butler, Juan P [mailto:jpbutler at co.pinellas.fl.us] 
Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2006 9:36 AM
To: users at mapguide.osgeo.org
Subject: RE: [mapguide-users] Problems with selection

Some more observations...
It seems that when I select my parcel layer that is tied to my Access database, the highlight feature doesn't work.  When I switch over to use just the layer that is based strictly on the sdf file, the highlighting works.  So I guess it has something to do with layers that are tied to an Access database.  Can someone else please try this and let me know if they are seeing this?
Also, when I select a feature and then turn of the layer of the selected feature, the feature seems to still be selected.  Odd.   
FYI: I'm using the AJAXViewer
- Juan


From: Butler, Juan P
Sent: Thu 4/20/2006 12:05 PM
To: users at mapguide.osgeo.org
Subject: [mapguide-users] Problems with selection

Has anyone experienced problems with features not highlighting after selection?  The data appears in the Properties frame, but the feature isn't highlighted.  Plus, the bottom of the map states 1 feature selected.  It's only on my parcel polygon layer.   My other polygon layers select and highlight fine.  Weird.
Another thing I noticed was when I had a feature selected from this layer, if I go to zoom out or pan, the map locks up and does nothing unless I unselect the feature.  
- Juan
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