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Fri Apr 21 09:45:00 EDT 2006

I'm using Studio 2007 (preview) v1.0.0.16802.....Is the ODBC problem to 
do with this version of Studio, or the OSGeo FDO Provider for ODBC? I've 
got a project that I need to get done in 1 month, and am trying to 
figure out if it's going to happen or not. With my current setup, I 
can't get any of my Access ODBC datasources to one has 
suggested a workaround as of yet, so I'm starting to think that it's 
just not going to happen. Does the solution have to come from Autodesk 
(a new Studio version), or OSGeo (a new Provider? I would tend to think 
that Autodesk would be slower than OSGeo, so that's why I'm 

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