continuing problems installing MapGuide OS on Suse10

joanne cook j.cook at
Mon Apr 24 06:33:33 EDT 2006

Hi List
I have been struggling with compiling and installing MapGuide OpenSource on Suse10 for about three weeks now. After chasing down a lot of errors and problems (mostly with the previous release of the code) I now get all the way through the compilation and installation of the newest general release with no obvious errors. However, when I start the server, it hangs. I have followed the instructions for using gdb, and the attached screenshot shows the output from the stack trace. I would be very grateful if someone could give me a pointer as to where my problems lie, or rather how to interpret the results of the stack trace!
Many thanks
Jo Cook
Joanne Cook BSc MLitt AIFA
Information Systems Coordinator
Oxford Archaeology North

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