Mapagent FCGI Not Found

James Card james.card at
Tue Apr 25 14:40:28 EDT 2006

I've installed and reinstalled the MapGuide Web Extensions, even formatted  
the drives and completely rebuilt the server, checked all the  
configuration details in the "Installing and Configuring on Windows"  
document, but I'm still getting 404 Not Found errors when trying to access  
the mapagent. All the HTML pages in the mapagent directory load with no  
problem, but any call to mapagent.fcgi generates a 404.

The MapGuide Site Administrator is functioning normally, and phpinfo()  
returns what I expect (though I'd love to see more detail in the section  
labelled "MapGuideApi"). The IIS 6 Web Service Extensions are configured  
as specified in the documentation.

I suspect that FCGI is not configured properly, but after reading the  
MapGuide documentation and searching the mailing list archives I've not  
been able to resolve it. Has anyone else encountered this? Got any  
pointers to help me resolve it?

James Card
California CAD Solutions, Inc.
209 578-5580 Voice
209 521-6493 FAX

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