Can I get a clue?

Bill Chappell bill at
Wed Apr 26 23:06:26 EDT 2006

Ok, I'm stumped,  I can run

And see the sample application but each of the layers has a "?" and doesn't
display anything in the map display area.


The admin page showed my sample data package was loaded..   ie I was able to
load the package without error.. Logs look ok.


However Studio will not get passed the default login page,  no matter what I
put in, it will not connect to the site.. I followed the getting started
guide and even reinstalled this, the odd part is it worked on a different PC
for me.


W2003 IIS6.


Any ideas, I have another ASP.Net application in a different application
pool running well on the same PC.  I followed the the install guide word 4
word but no luck.




Bill at


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