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Kori Maleski km at pat.ca
Thu Apr 27 12:49:14 EDT 2006

Reposting this because it ended up on the wrong thread - and it is somewhat critical.
Hi all,
I need to call a javascript function from the OnSelectionChanged event in the mainframe.templ.
I had it configured in the RC 1.0 and it worked no problem.
I try to do the exact same thing in MGO 1.0 and I get constant DWF crashes along with all the buttons failing to appear on the tool bar (with a javascript error for each button).
Within the OnSelectionChanged I simply add a function call - ShowReport();
At the bottom of the the page I add the function - 
...harmless code here.
Can anyone identify why the error occurs in 1.0 and not RC 1.0?
Why does any edit to the mainframe.templ cause errors?
And I should note that I have to do a FULL uninstall/reinstall of the web extensions to fix the crashes/buttons. 
- which of course means I lose the edit I want to make... 
Kori Maleski  BSc. 
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Pacific Alliance Technologies
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