mapguide studio issues

Wei Chou Wei.Chou at
Thu Apr 27 13:32:24 EDT 2006


Is there a way to improve mapguide studio performance? I tried to
create a map with only 10 layers, but having the following problem:

1. Unable to load large shape files: failed to load pacel shape file
(land_p.shp), about 285 MB.
I look at the Discussion forum reference:

The suggested solution was packaged the spatial data.
However, I cannot just package only 1 single layer.

2. Unable to connect to SQL & Oracle Database
I look at the Discussion forum reference: 
Is it true that the funtion is not available yet?

3. Bad performance: it takes about 2 - 3 minutes to refresh/reload a
layer and more than 5 minutes to preview a web layout.


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