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For those of you that don’t know me, I am Daniel Brookshier and I am  
the Community Manager (CM) for My job is in part to help  
OSGeo to be a functional community. Part of community is knowing who  
everyone is. One way I have accomplished this in other communities is  
to have an interview-style spotlight profile of members. I post these  
to the site and to a blog that is picked up by various feeds.

It is very important that you complete this as soon as possible. We  
are working very hard to publicize MapGuide and this will create a  
steady stream of information and links back to the site. If there is  
someone you know associated with OSGeo and MapGuide that may not be  
in this list, feel free to forward this email along.

The profiles help put a face on community and the project, but also  
aid searching for related information. The Google score goes up on  
projects you participate in, attracting users and developers. I’m  
sure there are other reasons you might think about participating, but  
these are the big ones.

I am not picky about how you do the spotlight interview. I have the  
preferred interview below, but you can also write up a biography with  
similar information. I only ask that you use full URL’s and not use  
any formatting other than paragraphs and bullet lists. If you have  
images and especially a picture of yourself, I am happy to include them.

Feel free to add new questions and answers. If you want, be a little  
winded in your answers – more is better. I will be editing these so  
don't worry too much about your English skills. Remember, please  
include a picture of yourself so people can recognize you (not  
required, but it helps).

REMEMBER, you don't need to answer all the questions, but more
answers are better. Feel free to add your own questions and answers.

Name: ID:
Open Source Projects (use complete URLs):
Company and/or School:

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself (what you do, experience, hobbies,
family, interesting things about you).

Q: How long have you been working in the geospatial domain and why?

Q: What are you using geospatial software for what software are you  
using to get the job done (we want to know about both commercial and  
open source)?

Q: What attracted you to the projects you are using/participating in?

Q: Are you involved with any of the OSGeo governance or committees?

Q: What open source projects are you contributing to as a developer?

Q: What open source projects do you consider yourself a user and why  
are you using them (remember to use the full URL)?

Q: Is your company using code from these projects and if so please  
describe how/why if you can?

Q: In your open source projects, do you
need help and if so what skills or experience are you looking for?

Q: What operating systems are you using (Windows, Linux, BSD, Apple,  

Q: What programming languages do you use (scripting and compiled)?

Q: What spoken/written languages are you fluent in?

Q: This is for us to do a better job, what do you think needs to be
added to the web site to help you?

Q: Feel fee to add anything else you feel people should know about
you and open source projects you are associated with.

Q: One more question: What are your most burning questions about (I'll reply if I have the answer)

Remember to please attach a head-shot of yourself.

Thank you for participating!

Daniel Brookshier | Community Manager | CollabNet, Inc.
8000 Marina Blvd. Suite 600 | Brisbane, CA 94005 | USA
O 972.422.5261 | C 214.207.6614 | dbrookshier at

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