Sorry, I am having some difficulty theming a layer

kenny at kenny at
Sat Jul 1 22:43:54 EDT 2006

dear list (hi again)

I have been trying now for an entire day to create themes for a point layer.

I am using the studio.

Table name is SewerDump

there are several column names but of interest are lat, lon, and type:

I used odbc to create a connection to an access db using.

Here is the process I tried to follow:

Click on Theme,

Click on Add Rule,

Click on "Condition" tab,

On the ensuing dialog box, I click on Builder,

Click on Property radio button,

select a column name called type

On "Condidion and Value", I select = (the equal sign) and then type  
the value Other (this is one of many values).

I click the "Get" button and I get following error:

"An exception occurred in FDO component
Identity property must be member of property collection"

I have no idea what this mean. Every research I have done on this has  
turned up nothing.

Can you please assist?

Then I

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