[mapguide-users] Using Symbols strange behaviour

Willem Schwarte willem at giskit.nl
Thu Jul 6 05:48:35 EDT 2006



Is this an issue of Studio or Mapguide Server? I have just installed the
new release for Studio. Loaded the transparent symbol worked ok in
Studio. But in my map I still get a black surface for the transparency. 


Also the rotated symbol still gives the extra black part. 


I'm using mapguide open source for the server. 






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I believe that you are seeing known defects in the preview release, and
there is no workaround for them at this time.  Numerous improvements
have been made to point style rendering since the preview release.  I
just tested these cases using the upcoming release and non-default
reference points, rotations, and png transparency all worked as





From: Willem Schwarte [mailto:willem at giskit.nl] 
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Subject: [mapguide-users] Using Symbols strange behaviour





I am trying to use symbols (png) but it does not quite work as I would
like it to.


The normal.jpg is the map with symbols loaded normal, but when I change
the reference point in studio, the symbol stays at the same spot?


If I use a rotation angle (rotated.jpg) the symbol gets a black colored
part in it?


When importing rijdende-afzetting3.png in symbol library, the
transparency is lost? Is this not supported? 


Code_b.png is the original picture.




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