[mapguide-users] Exporting as XML

Bill Dhimitri bill.dhimitri at autodesk.com
Fri Jul 7 10:04:51 EDT 2006

Can you give some more details on this?  What part/element of the layer
XML failed to validate?  How did you create the layer XML?

MG Studio has a "File | Save As XML" menu item that will create a layer
XML file. So if you have MG Studio, you might try creating the layer XML
file and seeing if it validates.


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The MG OS Dev Guide suggests that you can save a layer as XML and then
add it
to the map (page 67 ff). I saved some of the sample layers( parcels and
newbuildings). However, these XML files don't validate against the XSD
layers, LayerDefinition-1.0.0.xsd. Is this going to be fixed, or are
developers expected to make their own XML that validates against the
That would be a painful process.
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