[mapguide-users] Pointing studio to a file on a server

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Jul 10 16:35:00 EDT 2006

Using Studio, you can't.  All data needs to be sent to the server via
Load Procedures and stored within the MapGuide repository.  The MapGuide
framework is flexible enough to allow unmanaged data sources, but it was
not implemented in Studio.

Web Studio allows you to set up something called "unmanaged" data
sources.  Web Studio isn't officially released and still has some bugs,
but it is available in the MapGuide SVN repository here if you don't
mind working without a net:


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hi (again) List,

I have got a bunch of shp files on various folders.

How do I point to these files from MapGuide studio?

For instance, I have a shp file on a folder like so:


Thanks as always.

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