Saving a map

newjim j_oleary_ed at
Mon Jul 10 20:08:55 EDT 2006

I am working with the change_layers_via_dom.php example, and want to save the
new layer and modified map. But I get an XML parser exception when I try to
save the map. The relevant lines are:

$resourceService =

    // --------------------------------------------------//
    // Open the map
    $map = new MgMap();
    $map->Open($resourceService, "Sheboygan");
/* I am able to use SetResource to save a new layer into the library and see
it in the Studio IDE. Next, i want to save the map with the new layer on it.
$repositoryID = new MgResourceIdentifier($repositoryName);
// At the line below I get a parser exception

Any suggestions? 

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