FW: Events? How to see if map is busy?

Willem Schwarte willem at giskit.nl
Wed Jul 12 03:15:14 EDT 2006




One of the most common NOTES we get from users, is that it is not very
clear if the map is doing something. E.g. when you click the map to zoom
in, there is no message or something that the map is busy zooming. The
most users will instantly click the map again, with the result that the
map zooms twice (or more).


So I tried to search for an event or function where I can see if the map
is busy, but I could not find such a function.  I looked at the
ajaxmappane.templ file to see where the zoom functions are invoked. E.g.
the StartToolFeedback(x, y, type)  function. But could not find out how
it handles the ending of zooming etc.


So my question, is there a function which I could use to e.g. generate a
popup window with some text that the map is busy and close the popup
after zooming (or any other function that requires the map to reload). 


Maybe something like this:


var originalOnCommandExecuted;

var initTimer = setInterval(watchInitialized, 200);


function watchInitialized () {

 try {




   originalOnCommandExecuted = ViewerFrame.tbFrame.OnCommandExecuted;

   ViewerFrame.tbFrame.OnCommandExecuted = MyOnCommandExecutedHandler;



   catch(Exception) {}



This works but only on clicking the toolbar, not while busy doing


Maybe there is an alternative, more simple solution to this? Please




Willem Schwarte


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