PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library

Norberto nsp65 at
Thu Jul 13 00:39:39 EDT 2006



Finally I managed to make it work:


1-My problem was installing php version 5.14 on top of the one coming with
mapguide. Don't know why mapguide stoped working, maybe different
compilation in the 5.05 coming with MGOS !?


Admin start working again with 5.05.


            2-Mapguide studio won't connect with message "cannot find
specified site URL" , problem was .fcgi extension path :-(

            I had
e" but the correct should be

surrounded by the " " 


Now everything seems to be working :-)


Is there any advantage to install php 5.14 ? As it is used by more
applications on my server ? And how, to not loose MGOS again ?





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