Application hangs at startup

Robert Leeman rleeman at
Thu Jul 13 14:48:33 EDT 2006

Hello All:

I posted this issue to the list some time ago but am re-posting now to see 
if there has been any progress that I missed.

The issue:  My MGOS apps frequently hang at startup (e.g. I will get a 
partial interface display but the application won't fully load).  Usually, 
one or two browser refreshes will fix the problem and I'm good to go. 
Following my previous post I understood that this was a bug in the MGOS 
software and I had to live with it until it got fixed.  I haven't seen any 
recent discussion on the list about this, but it's a continuing issue for 
our users.  Typical client-side is various MS Windows flavours running IE or 

I am wondering:
1.  Has the issue been resolved in MGOS?
2.  Or, has the issue been resolved in Autodesk MG Enterprise?

I am serving Apache/PHP/AJAX apps from Windows Server 2003.  I believe I am 
running the most recent version of MGOS.

Bob Leeman

EIT (NL) Limited
St. John's, NL

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