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For those that are interested, one of Autodesk's Solution Specialist is
hosting a web cast on MapGuide Enterprise 2007 next week. 


On July 20, Autodesk ISD Geospatial Solutions Specialist Pete Southwood
will show how you can use the new Autodesk MapGuide(r) technology to
increase operational efficiency and reduce the costs of publishing maps
and design data. In this webcast, Pete will show how this
next-generation mapping platform accomplishes that with completely new:

*	Linux(r) and Microsoft(r) Windows platform support 
*	Server-side programming and application delivery using PHP,
ASP.NET, or Java/JSP 
*	Plug-in access for new data sources without requiring a
recompile of the core server 
*	Support for simultaneous connections to multiple database
*	A built-in, access-based security model to deliver data to
authorized users only 
*	Support for portable viewing applications 


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